Sunday, December 21, 2008

In the begining of time( a site installation)

"In the beginning of time"; is about our times and generation, it is about movement, it's about revolution, evolution, emancipation, human development and discoveries, civilization clashes and neocon upsurge, cultural conflicts, moral and ethical bias, spirituality and the society, apocalyptic nightmares and the hopes for a new enlightenment. This "Site installation", is mirroring the beginning of time and man, how and why man is entangled in the game of time, how we believe that we can rule time, besides the sympathetic truth that time has been set to rule man, how much that man has done in the beginning and now, manipulating time and how that we end up entangling ourselves. In the beginning of time, man was to live eternal, man was to live as long as time, if we desire eternity as humans, who gave us these desires; the desires of eternity, man desires to live beyond time even in our death ( the Pharaoh's greatest desire).Who left the desires of eternity in us? There must be a connection between our desires to be eternal and eternity, but whose desire was time fulfilling and whose desire was man fulfilling when he dies.
If in the past, man's greatest desire was to live in time, through time and beyond time, how smart are we now; now that we have consciously made time so fast, we are living in the greatest times of man, the fastest era in the history of man, we are experiencing the X age, internet Age, when man travels in virtual space in seconds speeds to their destination, we have technologies that transfer information in less seconds, we communicate with the fastest telecommunication system in time.
Our cities operate 24/7 in time, we work more times than we ever have before, we spend more time outside ourselves, stretching beyond our abilities to reach our desires in order to control time -time is like a shadow sleeping in wait, waiting for you, waiting for you to breathe your first fresh air, slowly ticking from the day you strolled into these space called life.
Our times have changed greatly and our generations has metamorphosed into a spider web, we the webs, … and creating millions of network of human desires and passion to live beyond the frail web we made. we get entangled into our own web of technological, economical and social traps that we set, waiting for our prey, who are not watching to stroll into these webs, we are experiencing the greatest Age of human revolution, evolution, emancipation, assimilations, development, networking of human and national relationship, neocolonism and global citizenry. Yet we bring along with us, our personal interest, national mandate, manipulations of humans capacity and capital.

Yet we are doomed more than ever before , never in time before are we experiencing depression like we are doing today-Young generations of our times are now involve in suicide which use to be common with the older generations . With the entire modern games gadget to keep us away from loneliness yet we are getting lonelier and alienated from each other. We are losing the force for living; no connection beyond gadget or internet connection which is virtual, man is dying by time, by the elements of time by the seconds of time... In the words of Domenico Quarantar, Curator for Pixxelpoint (For Gods Sake) "technology violates our privacy like only God used to be able to… technology is an element and product of our time, developed over and within time, it imparts is glaring in our time. We can not replace this true force that drives man, we can't replace Him with our virtual game; games of time.
If time was set by man, why can't man control time with all that we have achieved, "just for one moment I beg you man, pause time for a second" then why try if you can't.Time has conquered our greatest achievement, time has out done our greatest record, and time has exceeded our greatest height.
Our generation is experiencing the fastest time in history, a period when time is fast and short, has the ticking increased without our attention? Maybe someone fastened time without our knowledge? We have even increased in our ticking of endeavor. Why I am talking of time as if I am not lost in time…I came and met time and I will leave if I wish in time…follow through my poem, I will meet you at the end of time, I mean at the end of the beginning.

God created the earth and took a vacation

Mankind was in control

directing the shows

the shows of woes of agony,


of hopelessness,

shows of mirage

chasing blues and dreams

of the illusions of reality,

the pain of suffering in the womb,

of dying before been born

with popping eyes of pain

like owls eyes in hell.

Mankind is in part divine

a troubled stream from a pure source

broken from the source,

in search of independence,

blinded in knowledge,

free in ignorance,

obscene like cancer,

bitter as the cud,

stinking like a rotten meat,

drying up like a raisin in the sun,

vanishing like a vapour,

a smoke or a cry as fleeting as a sound

a smell or taste,

this I know, but more than this I know.

I know because I hear his silent sufferings.

I foresee his funeral-destiny,

his deep pains of pride like a devil sick of sin,

his unseen agonies and

suffocating sense of woe like a crushed goat,

his resistance and his confusion,

his self tarp like a fly caught in a spider web.

Man, what torment,

What pity, that you have refused to listen

to the singing birds,

the twinkling stars,

the sound from the crystal rain balls,

the cry of the newborn,

that knowledge can not reach him in this life,

but life.

What blindness that you have refused to see,

the flowing glass streams

the blossoms beauty of the stars

the unending generations of silver lines in the sky.

the magnificent colours of the rainbow

See mankind,

see,you imbecile worm of the earth

sink of uncertainty and errors

let love rise in your soul

like the sun (your soul the depository of truth)

for He is long returned

And in control.

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